Britt’s Pick: The Starburst Ring From Katie Design Jewelry

Katie Design Jewelry Starburst ring

It’s amazing when a piece of jewelry can tell you a story. Everyone who looks at it will see something different, but my story for this ring from Katie Design Jewelry takes me south to Louisiana. The ebonized silver fleur-de-lis motifs say vintage New Orleans, reminiscent of a long-ago time in a magical city alive with jazz music. The spikes are like those found on an aged gate that guards a grand home or cemetery, even. The moonstone center is just icing on the cake—a favorite gemstone of mine that sits glowing from a favorite motif: the starburst. The overall aesthetic is edgy rock and roll thanks to the spiky bursting design, but at the same time it’s refined, with smooth lines and an almost-velvety look to the metal. This ring is also available in a combination of 18k gold with a cabochon black sapphire center, a look that’s somehow completely different from its partner here. Whichever combination you choose, this one is a winner that is bound to get noticed and will take your customers from late summer into fall with ease. 

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