Britt’s Pick: TA Fine Jewelry’s Holiday-Ready Statement Ring

TA Fine Jewelry emerald and diamond marquise ring

Few hues embody the warmth of the holiday season more than bold jewel tones and cool, sparkling white, and for that reason, I was immediately drawn to this stunner of a ring from TA Fine Jewelry. A 22.5 ct. Colombian emerald sits opposite a 9.18 ct. diamond—both marquise-cuts—in a shimmering bypass setting lined with diamond accents. Picture it on the finger of someone dressed to the nines, gracefully grasping a crystal flute, half-filled with champagne. She’s going to need a refill soon, and a wave of the hand wearing this statement piece will stop any waiter in his tracks. That’s the story you can tell your clients—the ones who come in searching for something just right for their barrage of social engagements that promise to end the year with a bang. Not that this ring wouldn’t sell itself! Have you ever seen a more dazzling pair?

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