Britt’s Pick: Sylvie Collection’s Black Lace Diamond Ring

Sylvie Collection black rhodium diamond lace ring

Chalk it up to the time of year, but when I saw this ring from Sylvie Collection, I found myself in Halloween heaven. Is that weird? Maybe—if you don’t equate the obligatory fishnet stocking to your typical risqué Halloween costume ritual. (I mean, what else are fishnets for, anyway?) And please don’t think I’m implying that this look is cheap—quite the contrary. What I love about the lacy pattern on this blackened ring is its straight-up bold sexiness and the way it owns its curves, each bowed edge coated in diamonds. It’s the kind of piece that can turn even the tamest of ensembles into one that is cheeky and mischievous—any time of year. Silky black rhodium is edgy any way you slice it, and when adorned in 1.38 cts. t.w. round diamonds, it positively shines. So is this your ideal choice for fall ensembles—both costumed and otherwise? No doubt. This is one purchase your customers will find themselves bringing out day after day, serving to spice things up all 365 days of the year.

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