Britt’s Pick: Sutra’s Lacy Cloud Earrings

Lovely, lovely lace. Always appropriate but somehow even more enthralling when it’s covered in diamonds, am I right?


Sutra filigree lace diamond earrings

Sutra‘s filigreed pair boasts more than 9 cts. of diamonds set in a plush rose gold that causes the starring stones to glow. The design of the earrings comes across as a beautiful explosion, as if something erupted and left in its wake a glittering cloud of diamonds. The way the filigree lines curve upward makes it appear as if that cloud is rising toward the sky, slowly fading until there’s nothing left but smoke (or sparkle). But evaporate these baubles will not: Retailing at $13,000, they make for one hell of an everlasting, luxuriously gratifying self-purchase that will stand both the test of time and trend.

More about these earrings from Sutra here.