Britt’s Pick: Silurian Dinosaur Bone Band by Thorsten

It’s not every day that men’s wedding bands prove particularly compelling—that’s not to say we don’t have our pick of high-quality, gorgeously made pieces, but, much like men’s tuxedos, most of them look very similar to the untrained eye.

A well-honed platinum band is a smart choice for any groom or groom-to-be (or bride, for that matter). It will last a lifetime, and its elegant simplicity means one won’t soon tire of it. Much like the marriage it represents, it’s ready for the long haul.

But more and more, customers want something that feels tailored to them as an individual, less common—something that might have a story or spark a conversation. This option from Thorsten is definitely that.

For starters, it’s made in black ceramic—a striking look that can be spotted from afar, and one that looks pretty cool on the hand. It’s a good choice for those who don’t take well to metal (ceramic is said not to irritate the skin), and the material is said to be durable. But what makes this band even cooler is its dinosaur-bone inlay—a treat for fossil hunters and Jurassic Park lovers alike.

You can easily get lost in the cracks and crevices of the ring’s pattern, materials from periods past that remain to tell a tale of (millions of) years gone by.

The band is available in 4 mm and 8 mm sizes, making it a great choice for anyone to wear—for wedding purposes or not at all (as a matter of fact, how cool would this look in a stack?)—and its affordable price is all the more appealing.

Thorsten specializes in alternative metals, so if dinosaur bone or black ceramic isn’t your bag, there’s much more where this comes from. You can see more of the selection on the company’s website.

Top: Silurian band in black ceramic with inlaid dinosaur bone, $500; Thorsten

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