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Britt’s Halloween Pick: Sauer’s Spells Ring


I have always loved Halloween. From the time I was old enough to rent a horror movie from Blockbuster (or Hollywood Video—who remembers that one?), I was obsessed with the season dedicated to scaring.

Each table at my wedding was named after a location from a horror film. My maid of honor even made note of my love of horror films during her speech. I was, undoubtedly, the person to consult on the latest creepy release.

And then I had kids.

It’s like a switch flipped inside me that made me adverse to all things terrifying and grotesque. What would my Halloweens be like without the adrenaline-pumping scares I once sought?

Turns out, they’re better. Scares are sillier, bone-chilling has been replaced with cute, and in the end, there’s still plenty of candy.

If you love jewelry—presumably you do, if you’re reading this—you won’t be surprised to learn it was a ring that sent me on this train of thought. Jewelry has a way of doing that: of helping you realize things and remember what’s important. And the pieces that do are the ones that become most treasured to us. While Sauer’s Spells ring is indeed evocative of today’s holiday, it’s also one to love and enjoy outside the season of Halloween.

A miniature book of spells in 18k gold and horn brings to mind the lighter side of Halloween, where ghosts are friendly, jack-o’-lanterns come to life, good triumphs over evil, and witches and wizards cast spells in the name of celebration.

Apart from Halloween, the book conjures thoughts of centuries-old stories of strong women they called witches, who dared to stand for something. It’s an ode to the women of today, their perseverance and defiance—a reminder to check one’s list of spells when things get tough.

Sure, today this ring is a Halloween symbol, but the rest of the year it’s a little piece of wearable magic to keep with you when it might be needed. The Sauer ring is simply a bit of magic for every day, because we all could use a touch of it now and again.

Top: Spells ring in 18k yellow gold with horn, 0.01 ct. blue sapphire, 0.02 ct. yellow sapphire, 0.04 ct. ruby, and 0.02 ct. diamond, $3,050; Sauer

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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