Britt’s Pick: Sasha Primak’s Diamond Snowflake Bracelet

Because the holidays are right around the corner

Once again, it’s happened. Like it or not, we’ve been thrust into autumn, despite the awkward weather and longing to hold tight to anything related to summer. For retailers especially, the change in season means major business—holiday business. So instead of reveling in the beauty that is fall, you may have already jumped to winter, preparing for the rush of gift seekers and jewelry collectors that comes through that door. The sudden transition is like a bolt of lightning: You may know it’s coming, but it jars you nonetheless. It’s time to get moving! Making that transition easier is this bracelet from Sasha Primak. Its glitzy glamour lures you in, all black and white diamonds, sparkling as they twist and turn (and very easily, thanks to the bracelet’s mesh-like construction), and just like that, you’re lulled into the holidays before you even notice that it is, in fact, a snowflake pattern. The luxurious piece is holiday jewelry at its best, but the contrasting pattern and elegant aesthetic ensure that it’s no one-season wonder. So, if you needed some inspiration—or maybe some help—getting into the holiday spirit this early, here it is. Not only could its design serve as the centerpiece to your festive dislpay, but it could also brighten your outlook for the whole winter season.

Sasha Primak Snowflake mesh bracelet #BRITTSPICK | JCK On Your Market

Snowflake mesh bracelet in 18k gold with 22.3 cts. t.w. black and white diamonds, price on request

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