Britt’s Pick: Royal Asscher’s Studded Leather Globe Bracelet

Royal Asscher leather globe bracelets

The arrival of fall typically signals three very important ‘L’ words: leaves, layers, and, but of course, leather. Beautiful, wonderful October, one of the greatest months of the year. The leaves change from green to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. The chilly mornings that lead to warm days cause us to figure out how the heck to dress in layers (I’ve yet to perfect this, it’s harder than it looks). And the leather? It just seems to fit. Maybe it stems from the boots we ladies so eagerly await stepping into when the weather cools. The fabric (skin, really?) has made its way into everything from our pants and skirts, even t-shirts, and my personal favorite—our bracelets. Nothing makes me feel cooler and quite more rebel-chic than a sweet leather cuff, and I’ve found one that’s beyond perfect. Royal Asscher’s collection of leather bracelets in black, brown, or white, amp up the awesome factor with its signature globe design—a crystal encasement containing 0.50 ct. t.w. floating diamonds inside—and then, as if the diamonds weren’t enough, 18k gold-plated studs further accent the generous width of the bracelet. This is it, the one leather cuff your customers (and you, let’s be honest), will want to wear every day. I know I do!

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