Britt’s Pick: Rahaminov’s Toi et Moi Gemstone Ring

Rahaminov Toi Et Moi emerald and sapphire ring with diamonds

Rahaminov Diamonds is known for specializing in just what its name conveys: diamonds, in rare cuts, mega sizes, and a bouquet of truly gorgeous designs. I was surprised—and incredibly awestruck—when I got a look at this new ring, since its star duo is not composed of diamonds but of emerald and sapphire. Diamonds still add to its design, glittering around the bypassing pear-shape stones and serving as anchors in baguette form on the band. The toi et moi style—on the rise these days in modern jewelry—appears just delicious with its cool color combo, a pair that’s just as at home in the summer as it is in winter and all the months between. This is a family piece, no doubt to be passed down for generations to come, and its platinum setting is as strong as they come. Now if someone in my family would just get a hold of this, I’d be happy to be a part of that line of wearers. Mom? Grandma? Anyone?

Learn more about this ring from Rahaminov Diamonds here.