Britt’s Pick: Rahaminov’s Paraiba Slice Earrings

Rahaminov Paraiba slice drop earrings

If pressed to pick a gemstone of the moment, I wouldn’t hesitate to say Paraiba. The electric-blue beauty has been at the center of many memorable designs as of late—its glowing hue pairs well with any metal. These drops from Rahaminov are something a little different from what I’ve been seeing, though. Still retaining its aquatic shade, reminiscent of flying over tropical waters, more texture is is seen in the slice form. Like little islands dotting those tropic seas, the look could even be likened to a view from space. I love the warm yellow-gold border, I think it transforms what could have been a more casual piece into something rich and elegant, while maintaining a playful, summertime vibe. But this pair isn’t only for summer. They’ll look great in any season and act as a surprise adornment to fall’s deepening colors we’re starting to layer on. Rahaminov offers a matching pendant to this pair—both of which would make an unforgettable gift (or self purchase) for anyone this season.

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