Britt’s Pick: The Prisma Ring by Senia

Gold chains have been an exciting feature in jewelry lately—although they’re a store staple, they somehow feel fresh and even novel these days. That sense of newness is thanks to a barrage of innovative looks from designers to be sure, most in the form of necklaces and bracelets. Though some brands have introduced chain elements into their earring and ring lines, it isn’t quite as common.

Maybe that’s why I like this ring from New York–based jeweler Senia so much. Debuting with one of November’s birthstones, the first in the brand’s line of Prisma rings features a choice of blue or yellow topaz in an emerald cut.

The chain design on its band isn’t held static like some are, so it has a cool element of movement. But the band’s back half is designed like any other band, so it’ll fit comfortably with other rings if one wanted to stack it.

Senia yellow topaz Prisma ring
Prisma ring in 18k yellow gold with yellow topaz, $375

The ring itself is a cool style worthy of purchase alone, but the brand also offers what many consumers are looking for in their shopping these days: a cause. A portion of Senia’s monthly sales goes to their Student Innovation Fund, which provides funding and mentorship to diverse, underrepresented start-up founders. The fund was cofounded by one half of Senia’s sister duo, Christina Senia, in partnership with Vanderbilt University’s Wondr’y Innovation Center. (Gina Senia makes up the other half of the brand’s founders.)

Senia’s sustainability efforts may also be of great interest to today’s consumer: The brand reports its pieces are made with 100% recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones, and it practices cool ways to minimize waste, such as turning its packaging into reusable travel cases.

Senia made its debut only in September of this year, with a collection of modular jewelry that lets consumers configure their pieces in 55 different ways. It’s certainly one of the young brands giving customers what they want these days, and will be one to watch as the conscious consumer continues to emerge.

Top: Prisma ring in 18k yellow gold with blue topaz, $375; Senia

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