Britt’s Pick: Pearl Chain Bracelet by Zoë Chicco

When did pearls become the designated gift for moms and graduates? When I worked in retail, it felt like late spring and early summer was pearl season. No explanation needed; it just came as naturally as the warm weather, in with the blooms. That’s not to say we necessarily sold more pearls that time of year (though perhaps we did?), but they were the gemstone of choice to spotlight nonetheless, reliably, year after year.

I suppose it does make sense for June. As the month’s birthstone, it’s commonplace to see the gem featured everywhere throughout this month and the weeks preceding it.

At first, I thought it didn’t make much sense—pearl as June’s birthstone. Who wants to wear such a delicate gem when you’re bound to be all sweaty? Isn’t the start of summer anything but the ideal time to wear them? You wouldn’t be wise to don pearls for the beach or the pool—the thought is enough to make a jeweler cringe—and for the love of all that is beautiful, please keep your sunscreen and aloe away from these pearls!

But now I realize, maybe it does make sense. The pearl is a gift of the sea, and we spend much of June running toward those bodies of water (or, this year, perhaps only wishing we could do so). We may not wear our pearls on seaside outings, but is there any better gemstone to pay homage to the summeriest of summer’s places?

There is a compromise to this idea of wearing pearls throughout the summer, I think, and it looks a lot like this bracelet by Zoë Chicco. Mind you, we still need to take caution with pearls, be it a single charm or full strand, but this example feels much more practical, and most definitely on trend.

Wide oval links compose the body of Chicco’s lush gold bracelet, while a single baroque pearl dangles from the chain, surprisingly effective and with a breezy air of the sea about it. This would be a beautiful summertime accessory, free from the weightiness of a luxe strand of pearls around the neck, just adornment enough to enjoy one’s birthstone (or favorite gem).

Even with nowhere to go, this piece offers an elegant but cool pick-me-up as a gift or self-purchase, and it’s one that, given the endurance of chain jewelry, will serve as a favorite for a long time.

Top: Extra large oval link bracelet in 14k yellow gold with freshwater baroque pearl, $1,075; Zoë Chicco

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