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Britt’s Pick: Pamela Love Chimera Portrait Ring


The digital realm is filled with faces. Spend a few moments scrolling through your social feeds, and you’re met with all sorts—different skin, eyes, and teeth; different emotions, facial expressions. Some human, some furry friends, others still, works of art through various mediums.

Like jewelry.

One of the most captivating faces from a recent scroll through Instagram is this gorgeous creation from Pamela Love’s new collection, Chimera.

You could say most jewelry has a personality, or at least sometimes it feels that way. The right gemstone might speak to a person in some manner, giving off an effervescence or a calmness, confidence or love. But Love’s most recent offering really does feel alive, down to the sapphire teardrop falling from its diamond eye.

It isn’t sadness that radiates from this sight, though, so much as strength—a resolute desire to hold oneself together. Or, ya know, it could just be reminiscent of a good cry. And that’s perfectly ok too.

It’s the amount of detail in recycled 18k yellow gold that is worthy of tears (the joyful variety), each element of the surrealist portrait a miniature revelation that goes everywhere its wearer does.

“The primary reference points for Pamela Love’s new Chimera collection are the artists Claude Cahun and Leonor Fini,” read a statement on the collection. “Both groundbreaking surrealists, they explored issues of the transformational potential of the body and the ideas of transitive identity through their art. Claude Cahun, along with her partner Marcel Moore, experimented with visual representations of gender, queerness, and self through photography and costume. The name Chimera is meant to reference both the human and mythological chimeras. In the designs themselves we see pieces of the human form, fragmented, but powerful.”

The new fine Chimera line is brimming with mini masterpieces, the sculptural Mirror hoops another unforgettable standout that will remain atop many a most-wanted list.

You can see more of the collection on Pamela Love’s website.

Top: Chimera collection Portrait ring in 18k recycled yellow gold with sapphire and diamonds, $3,500; Pamela Love

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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