Britt’s Pick: Opal Interchangeable Clasp by Marcel Roelofs

Recently, I’ve been wondering what the most beloved gemstone of all time might be—a question that, depending on who you ask, has many different answers. But as I scroll through Instagram, taking in a roster of new designs, shared creations by jewelry bloggers, editors, journalists, curators, retailers, and more, I think that the answer is opal.

You might think diamond—makes sense, as it’s often the basis for an engagement ring, and then you’ve got your must-have studs and so on. Or, perhaps, sapphire—who doesn’t absolutely adore sapphire?

But at the end of the day, I wonder, does anything inspire quite like opal does? Does any other stone make you gasp out loud as often as opals do? Of course, many, many other gems inspire such a reaction, but are those as consistent as the response to opal?

Opal has proven itself quite versatile, too. I once thought that only the most special occasion (maybe too big or grand to wear every day) could be equipped with such a dazzling stone, but over the years, I’ve learned otherwise. Just because one gem can possess an entire world’s worth of sparkle and life doesn’t mean it’s destined for a life mostly lived in a vault.

This piece from German jeweler Marcel Roelofs is an excellent example. With just a shard of opal, you have a view of the Earth from space: greens and blues and glimmering lights—a galaxy of life. The Australian boulder opal is traced in platinum, lending a horned silhouette to the pendant’s overall shape.

The best part about this piece is that it’s a go-anywhere kind of design: It’s Y-connector interchangeable clasp (it pops into the gemstone part like a key) means you can hook it on a chain like the one pictured here, on a strand of pearls, a long layer of turquoise, or anywhere else.

The one-of-a-kind style—Roelofs offers a blissful assortment worth investigating—is sold sans the chain, so the wearer is free to create their own form of opal expression (though the chain can be purchased alongside it).

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Top: One-of-a-kind interchangeable clasp in 18k yellow gold and platinum with Australian boulder opal and diamonds, $9,880 with Y-connector included (chain not included in price)

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