Britt’s Pick: Nina Nguyen’s Harmony Necklace

My colorful escape from the winter weather

I’ve got cabin fever. I initially poked fun at the Southern (read: sadly, poorly prepared) way Washington, D.C., has handled such a snow storm, my New York upbringing brushing it off as no big deal. But it’s totally a big deal. Sidewalks are piled 3 feet high. People are just walking willy-nilly down the middle of main streetsit’s both a bit funny and dangerous. So I’m relegated to staying indoors, watching the world (and by “world,” I mean, like, three people) go by from my window. And since all I’ve seen for the last few days is white, I am in desperate need of some color. Enter Nina Nguyen‘s Harmony necklace. With it, I’m already planning outfits for my next tropical getaway (or, in this case, staycation). It’s available in emerald and sapphire as well, but the ruby version speaks to me most at the moment, probably because of its warmth. Shades of red dance with pinks, grays, and whites, coexisting magnificently along the slim lines of this Bali bead piece, in harmony, as its name suggests. The line is 32″ long, but adjustable, so it can be wrapped any which way the wearer likes. Which is just perfect, because it can adjust in length just as seamlessly as it can suit different styles, from the necessary turtlenecks of right now to the flowing, strapless dresses that I wish I was wearing right now. So if you need me, I’ll be in my room, doing the hula with the heat cranked high, thinking about this necklace and all the ways (and tropical places) to wear it. 

Nina Nguyen ruby bead Harmony necklace | JCK On Your Market

Harmony necklace in vermeil with shaded ruby beads by Nina Nguyen, $395

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