Britt’s Pick: Nina Nguyen’s Double Trouble Ring

Nina Nguyen Double Trouble opal and moonstone ring

Moonstones and opals are two of my absolute favorite gemstones, so Nina Nguyen’s Double Trouble ring is more like Double Awesome for me. Its bypassing style puts the two stones—both incredibly luminous in their own ways—right next to one another, so the wearer (and its many admirers) can enjoy the juxtaposition of color. I love that this piece is in vermeil because the golden tone adds a warmth to the ring that would have otherwise felt cold in silver, given the icy moonstone and cool blue opal (though now that I imagine it, that’d be pretty great, too). The bezeled beauty has no problems standing on its own but could dance its way right into a stack of rings with ease—and imagine how cool this would look doubled up, the same design repeating twice on one finger. With a retail price point of $395, that sounds pretty possible! Just what we’re all looking for this holiday season (yes, self-gifting counts!).