Britt’s Pick: Natalie Frigo’s Triangle Ring

Welcome to Britt’s Pick, a weekly feature on my blog, On Your Market. Each Tuesday, I’ll select an eye-catching piece from JCK Marketplace and tell you a bit about it. Of course, with jewels this beautiful, the pictures do most of the talking.

Natalie Frigo Triangle ring Those looking for something a bit different in bridal jewelry are sure to appreciate this ring from designer Natalie Frigo, with its triangular cutout design and eye-catching diamond accent. That isn’t to say that those looking for something un-bridal wouldn’t love it, too. The versatile design could stand alone or be paired with a killer set of stacking rings. Says Frigo: “The inspiration for my triangle rings began when I first saw the exquisite rose-cut diamond macles”—a macle is the natural triangle shape of a diamond—“that are the focus of the design. I had never seen a diamond macle, faceted or natural, and I thought about them for weeks after first seeing them. I sketched a few designs incorporating the natural triangle shape, but wasn’t completely satisfied with my results. Then I happened upon a book featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained-glass windows, including a drawing he made of a window composed of triangles. It was a ‘eureka!’ moment—his drawing clarified the path that I followed to my final design. This was one of the first rings in my initial collection, and it holds a special place in my heart. I think of it as a small sculpture for your finger, and I’m as infatuated with rose-cut macles as the first day I saw them.”

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