Britt’s Pick: Mark Henry’s Alexandrite Ring

It’s unusual for a silhouette such as this to pull me in, but there’s just something about Mark Henry‘s ring here that I find completely irresistible. I feel as if I can just tell by looking at it how wonderfully it would sit on my hand, its flashing colors of blue and green standing out beautifully—especially as we enter an oft-colorless time of year (at least where the wardrobe is concerned). I’m a sucker for blackened metal, and here it works to make both the alexandrite and diamond accents positively pop. The oval-shape alexandrite that bridges the gap between the split gemstone bands is arguably the centerpiece, but it all comes together so well that it isn’t only one element that calls for more attention than the rest. I look at this piece, and the word bejeweled comes to mind: An obvious adjective perhaps, but one that I think is just right for this electric find.

Ring in 18k white gold with 0.61 ct. oval alexandrite, 2.85 cts. t.w. round alexandrite, and 0.51 ct. t.w. diamonds, $19,500