Britt’s Pick: Lauren K’s Peacock Pendant

  Lauren K azurite-malachie pendant

What first struck me about Lauren K‘s teardrop pendant was its sort of Earth-from-above, oceanic look. Its colorful mix of blues and greens catches the eye in a way that’s irresistible. The pear-shape azurite-malachite is flecked with earth tones, making it a good transition piece as we move into fall, and four well-placed, bezel-set green tourmalines, each paired with a diamond accent, glow against the darker backdrop. You could stare at this piece for hours and always  discover something new in the stone’s confetti-like flecks of color that create an abstract pattern. The piece is held on a 16-inch chain, though I’d suggest switching it up from time and time and dangling it on a longer one. This would look so good paired against black, brown, emerald green, or a deep wine hue that looks so yummy this time of year. With so many combinations, though, this piece is a natural go-to at any time of year.