Britt’s Pick: Kaura Jewels’ Petal Strength Earrings

Kaura Jewels Petal Strength earrings

Part chandelier, part statement piece, there’s a lot going on with this pair of earrings from Kaura Jewels. And I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing—all elements of this design come together beautifully, leaving not one boring moment but instead the opportunity for endless mirror gazing and enviable glances. I can see why the word strength is in the name of this pair: The chevron pattern etched into its teardrop shape just says “warrior,” while the arrangement of gemstones below, akin to spikes, corroborates the statement. A collar of tapered ruby baguettes spans the bottom of the teardrop like a collar and is sandwiched between the aforementioned spiky cluster, made up of a bezel-set emeralds surrounded with a trio of pear-shaped onyx in each. The bold gemstone color scheme further adds to the I’m-a-bada**-chick-don’t-mess-with-me vibe. I love everything about it, in white gold or sterling silver. For those who love the shapes but are looking for an aesthetic on the softer side, Kaura also offers an 18k yellow gold version that resembles the first half of its name (Petals) more than the latter as the showcased pair do, with blue and pink sapphires and opal. Whichever your customers choose, they’ll be the envy of the block. Heck, convince them to take both—I would!

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