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Britt’s Pick: JV Insardi’s Convertible Aerial Earrings


There’s a rising desire among consumers to make smart purchases, so it makes sense that convertible jewelry would be seeing a jolt in demand. A well-crafted piece designed to last a lifetime that is able to transform seamlessly, to allow for more than one look, benefits the customer. But it must be done well.

The sapphire and topaz Aerial earrings from JV Insardi, a two-in-one design, are just that. They can hang in a linear fashion or be looped up to become an eye-catching yet very wearable style of hoop. The jewels combine the beautiful blues of sapphire and Swiss blue topaz for a tonal look that would pair harmoniously with nearly anything.

“There are fine hinges between each blue sapphire baguette and then a custom Alpa back system, already integrated in the earring, utilized when worn as a hoop,” says designer Jen Insardi, explaining the earrings’ mechanism that permits the conversion. “It is as simple as just removing the separate backing and connecting the post to the Alpa back, so basically there is zero work or complication for the client. There is a hidden custom-designed kite-shape gold piece which holds the bottom kite stone in the front of the earring but also acts like the connection when worn as a hoop. This is where the custom Alpa system is housed.”

JV Insardi Aerial earrings
Two ways to wear JV Insardi’s Aerial earrings: hanging in a line, or linked up into a hoop

The earrings’ easy convertibility means they can be styled from day to night, letting down their length for some occasions and buttoning up for others. I also love the idea of wearing them both in one ear, layering a hoop with a drop. The wearer has the ability to get really creative with how they choose to wear these—and that’s what makes them so great.

“I envision the hoop being worn during the day for a more casual, edited look and dropped down at night to become a statement earring and really carry the look,” says Insardi, owner of the JV Insardi brand.

With more options coming to market by the day, demand for convertible jewelry seems to be on the rise. Insardi confirms this is true, at least as evidenced by the reception of this marvelous pair.

“We have happily been inundated with requests since offering a preview sneak peek on Instagram last week and expect more demand once launched on our soon-to-be new e-commerce site. We do believe the clients now want to be confident they are making a solid timeless investment yet not a redundant piece they have seen time and time again. These earrings offer a distinct design with longevity, not a predictable design. This is the essence of JV Insardi.”

Top: Aerial drop hoop earrings in rose gold with Swiss blue topaz and blue sapphire, $13,950; JV Insardi

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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