Britt’s Pick: Julez Bryant’s Gia Wedding Set

There are two times I can count where I have really, really wanted to purchase an engagement ring for myself and (probably) wear it as an everyday piece on my right hand. The first was a sensational Art Deco piece, featuring an old mine cut diamond in a squared setting, accented with sapphires and diamonds. I had coveted it for about two years at my old retail store until one day someone came and finally bought it. It was a tough day.

The second is this creation from Julez Bryant. It’s out of character for me, which is both surprising and yet makes me want it even more. I’m not typically crazy about rose gold, and if you had asked me a few years ago if I’d ever want a pear-shape diamond, my answer would have been pffft.

But here we are now, and here I am, drooling over this insanely beautiful set. A far cry from the 1920s piece I still think about—sob—this design is bold, modern, and proud. I favor it with the matching wedding band, a fierce crown of five kite-shape diamonds that hugs the engagement ring just so. But the pear-shape ring is a stunner on its own all the same: Outlined in round diamonds, there’s a lot of sparkle here to get lost in. While I’m sure this piece will (or perhaps, has), gone on to a happy home, just as my first lost love did all those years ago, I’m glad to add it to my short list of pieces to dream about. Ah, what might have been. 

Gia ring set in 18k rose gold with diamonds, price on request