Britt’s Pick: Tanzanite Lash Ring by Jacquie Aiche

I’m having trouble actually finding the words to begin telling you why I love this ring by Jacquie Aiche, a sure sign that it’s love at first sight. I’m rarely quiet, so when something strikes me speechless, it’s got to be good.

To keep this blog active, though, words are a requirement, so I’ll power through my trance and find a way to describe why I’m so infatuated with this piece (though it certainly doesn’t need me to explain it—it’s doing quite well on its own).

For starters, there’s the center stone. The most obvious star of the show, a marquise-shape beauty, set east-west like a football (but so much better than a football), and kissed by a single good prong on each of its pointed ends. Not polished to perfection, this tanzanite speaks as if it has mystic powers (maybe that’s why I’m so entranced?).

Star that it is, that center is wearing a feathered and fringed headdress, comprising tapered baguette and marquise-shape diamonds, details that make this ring next-level good. Its name, Lash, implies that of an eye, though to me, it reads more as a crowned beauty than an orb. The overall style evokes the free-spirited vibe found throughout Jacquie Aiche’s collections, this particular one being one of my recent favorite examples.

Could it be an engagement ring? Most certainly. And imagine how great this would look paired with one of Aiche’s curved bands, echoing the design of its diamond topper. I quite like the idea that this would adorn a bride, so much so that I’m mentally planning a wedding around the whole thing.

For those not in the market for wedding jewelry, this would just as well serve as an incredible adornment for any occasion, and just because there’s no wedding band necessary doesn’t mean one can’t stack one or two of Aiche’s additional rings anyway.

While I add this to my mental collection of incredibly cool, versatile rings I’ve encountered lately, perhaps one lucky shopper will be adding this piece to their very real, very tangible collection.

Top: Lash ring in 14k yellow gold with marquise tanzanite and diamonds, $5,500

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