Britt’s Pick: Jack Kelége’s Awesome Diamond Ring and Why It Rocks

Oh, my goodness! Would you just look at this ring? I fell in love with it the second I caught a glimpse. And then I studied it for a while more. And then I fell even deeper in love with it. I so enjoy writing imaginative descriptions about jewelry, giving my best attempt to bring pieces to life with words. But really, what else is there to be said? When in doubt (or at a loss for words), make a list.


Lattice diamond band in platinum and 18k rose gold with 2.03 cts. t.w. diamonds and 0.9 ct. t.w. pink diamonds by Jack Kelége, $37,500

Reasons Jack Kelége‘s diamond band is awesome:

It’s rocking 2016’s color of the year. Mark my words, pink is going to be it for the new year. With just less than a carat of pink diamonds, this beauty will answer the call for 2016’s hot hue.

It’s all that glitters (and it’s in rose gold). With nearly 3 cts. of diamonds (2.03 cts. t.w. white, 0.9 ct. t.w. pink), it packs a wallop in the bling department. Bands of 18k rose gold soften the sides and effortlessly show off the pink stones.

It’s platinum. That lattice design, housing round, sparking diamonds? Yup, luxurious, lovely platinum. And it contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of rose.

It’s versatile. I’d mostly consider this an everyday piece, but brides looking to sparkle could spot this just as easily.

It’s aspirational. That’s my way of saying, “out of my price range.” But a gal can dream! And for those that can actually do, this an eye-catching, yet classic enough style that will impress for generations.


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