Britt’s Pick: Heather Moore’s Sweet Custom Engagement Ring

Heather Moore custom bezel-set diamond engagement ring

I always get sentimental when the fall weather makes its way to us, bringing with it the color-changing leaves and spirit of the upcoming holidays. Not only is the rush of nostalgia brought on with each pumpkin-scented candle, each hurried plan to craft the perfect Halloween costume. But now, at least since the past four years, I’ve held tight to the memories of a charming, romantic wedding: mine. I can still feel the cool breezes of an October night in Carolina, remember the warmth of having friends and family all in one place, and taste the refreshing glass of champagne after the nervous trek down the aisle was finally over, calm all around. I love those memories so much—almost as much as I love my engagement ring. And I know how crazy we brides can get, needing everything to be perfect, down to the last detail. That’s why I was so excited when Heather Moore announced that she’d be putting her own spin on bridal jewelry.

Heather Moore bridal event
(From left) Designer Heather Moore, Gumuchian/Adornmentality‘s Barbara Palumbo, yours truly, and‘s Monica Stephenson at the Heather Moore bridal event. Pardon the glowing eyes!

On a perfect night at the end of May, Heather and her fabulous team—all dressed in bride-worthy white—held an event in celebration of the new bridal line, during jewelry week in Las Vegas. The event was everything you’d expect out of your bridal jewelry: romantic, memorable, gorgeous, fun (as evidenced by our silly snapshot)—the drinks were flowing freely… 

Ahem! Right, back on track. We’re talking about this ring! All of those nostalgic feelings of autumn have me thinking of engagement rings, weddings, and all sorts of mushy, sappy love stories. So when I learned that Heather was designing engagement rings, I knew her personalized take would be everything a bride could want. This ring in particular (pictured above), has romance written all over it, with just a touch of personalization: two initials are sweetly tucked away on the side, a subtle momento of the love that two people share on their big day and forever after that. The ring is bezel-set with a 0.50 ct. round diamond and is pictured in 14k yellow gold, but is available in a variety of metals. I’m not saying I don’t love my engagement ring—I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But if I had the opportunity to, say, switch it up every once in a while, I’d put this endearing little honey on my list, no question.

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