Britt’s Pick: ‘Friends’ 20th Anniversary Stacking Bracelets

Angelica FRIENDS stacking charm bangles

Once in a blue moon, there is a television show that really changes the game and goes down in history as one of the greatest of its time. It’s hard to argue against the fact that Friends is one of those shows. If you’re a superfan like me, you can relate almost any aspect of life to an episode of Friends. It’s one of two shows (the other is I Love Lucy), that I refer to when I need a pick-me-up. With characters so relatable, moments so iconic, it’s the ultimate sitcom worth revisiting again and again. That’s why I literally shouted when I got wind of these stacking bracelets from the Angelica Collection, presented by Royal Chain. The recycled brass bangles are adorned with a series of charms, boasting instantly recognizable memes, moments, and objects from the show. My favorites include the “Pivot!” charm (seriously, I still yell that for fun when we move furniture), the “How YOU doin’?,” and the name tag charm that reads, “Hello my name is Regina Phalange.” Even people only vaguely familiar with Friends will recognize the Smelly Cat, that infamous picture frame, and the special Friends 20th anniversary charms. Did I mention they even have one that reads “You’re my lobster?” The ultimate gift of romance. Good thing for me, er, your customers, I mean, each bangle is only $35 a piece—a friendly price for adding one—or all—to any stack. Holiday gift alert! 

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