Britt’s Pick: Frederic Sage’s Abalone Venus II Earrings

Frederic Sage Venus II abalone earrings

It’s the first full week of January, and I’ve already uttered the question, “Is it spring yet?” multiple times. The holidays went by in a flash, and I have a feeling we’re still really waiting for winter to begin. Washington, D.C., hasn’t really seen any snow yet, and unless this promises to be a mild winter (I can’t imagine), we’ve got quite the chill ahead of us. Since the grass always seems greener, however, it’s the time of year to ponder warmer places, plan vacations, and just daydream about wearing less clothing and brighter colors. Frederic Sage‘s earrings, above, from the Venus II collection, are just perfect for that. Wear them any time of year, of course, but the waves of abalone that create their pools of color beckon thoughts of far-off islands and cold, refreshing cocktails. The pair is available in white gold, but I like them in 14k rose gold: It adds warmth to the tie-dye of green, blue, and purple. At just under $2,000 retail, they’re quite a bit less expensive than that island vacation, too, and bring satisfaction for a heck of a lot longer. But if your customer happens to be heading somewhere tropical, these will fit right in.

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