Britt’s Pick: Evil Eye Earrings From Cevherun Mucevherat

Cevherun Mucevherat evil eye earrings

Since my trip to Greece last year I’ve been fairly obsessed with anything and everything containing an eye motif—evil eye, all-seeing eye, hamsa, you name it. So it’s no surprise that these beauties caught my eye (ha!), and I’m unapologetically obsessed with them, too. From Cevherun Mucevherat, these evil eye earrings are handmade in 24k gold with decorative ceramic centers. I love the colors, too. In one look you seen an eye; in another, you see a floating island at the center of a warm blue sea. Put this on your must-have list for customers traveling to any destination this year. This will be their go-to adornment all summer long.

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