Britt’s Pick: Djula’s Diamond Sunburst Knuckle Ring

Djulia diamond sunburst knuckle ring

The promise of a new year is one of my favorite pleasures in life. It means hitting the refresh button, getting second chances, and promising yourself that you’ll at least do one thing to be better. It’s taking risks, pushing your boundaries, making resolutions. Maybe you’ve resolved to try something new every day. Perhaps you’ve vowed to be happier or promised to work harder. Maybe you’re like the millions of others who have sworn to start 2014 healthy and fit (who hasn’t?). Despite the chilly weather and icky snow (because snow is icky when it isn’t touched by holiday magic), January is filled with exciting possibilities. It is a month of reinvention, when you can be whoever you want. So, if you or your customers are feeling a little risky this month, consider showing them a creation from European luxury jeweler Djula. This particular ring, one of my favorites, isn’t a walk on the wild side for many already on board with hands full of rings, but it just might be the ticket for those wanting to dip a toe into the pool of high trend and fun fashion. The double ring, featuring a large and small band connected by a chain on each side, climbs up the finger with a sensational diamond-loaded sunburst design (one of my weaknesses), in polished white gold. Bonus: The piece is also available in yellow, rose, or black gold, so there are even more possibilities to choose from. Better yet, why not choose them all? Now that would really be something to see.

Djula offers a wide range of fun, high-fashion diamond jewels. See them on JCK Marketplace.

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