Britt’s Pick: Heart Wedding Bands by Catarino Jewels

You know as well as I that there is a mountain of good jewelry out there, rich with design and perspective, dazzling with detail and gemstones, impressing with rarity and refinement. I love it all. But in this time of utter weirdness and downright terribleness, I’m drawn to things that simply make me feel good. Simple or intricate, fine or fashion, it doesn’t matter. I want jewels that shine with love, ones that would make someone really happy to receive, knowing that they are loved because of it. I find all of that to be true about these heart rings by Portugal-based Catarino Jewels.

I actually favor them more as a fashion or everyday band, though I can understand why they’re categorized as wedding jewelry. The symbolic nature of their two halves making a whole is ideal for wedded bliss, but in no way can it be limited to that. I love the idea of sending one to a friend whose companionship has endured despite the distance or wearing one along with a child who shares one’s heart completely. You could even wear one on each hand and make yourself your own heart, why the heck not?

I found the rings while casually scrolling through the product directory for JCK Virtual, which officially kicks off on Monday and runs through Aug. 14. It’s not any big statement to say that this show won’t be like the others—no dressing up and mingling with friends and colleagues, no getting our steps in on the show floor—but there are some perks to this edition that has come from necessity too. For instance, I spotted this ring from the comfortable laze of my couch. I was wearing sweatpants and no makeup, and I didn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to see it. Of course we’ll be thrilled when things go back to normal—I simply highlight the silver linings of a situation that can’t currently be avoided.

And so I look forward to a bit more barefoot browsing, but for now I’m sort of stuck on this piece, so enamored with its very simple, yet so very effective, style. It speaks volumes of love and kindness and offers versatility, which is much appreciated in any jewel.

Founded in 2009 by Filipe Catarino in Sintra, Portugal, Catarino Jewels specializes in handmade fine jewelry with a heavy emphasis on engagement rings. One of the coolest things the brand offers is an engagement ring necklace: The ring’s head is designed to feature bail-like elements that easily slide onto a chain (where, in most instances, a chain would simply be strung through the band), allowing someone to wear it easily on their finger or around their neck. You can see them here.

Top: Matching heart wedding bands in 18k rose gold with enamel, price on request; Catarino Jewels

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