Britt’s Pick: Bounkit’s Amethyst Choker Necklace

A new season is on its way, and so, new trends will follow. Not that the trend I have in mind is new. In fact, the style that’s got me inspired is nearly 50 years old: It’s 1970s fashion. You know the look—bell-bottom jeans, tucked-in button-downs, corduroy trucker jackets; I’m eating it all up. Maybe it’s the shows I’ve been watching, or the fashion industry just doing its job (style inception, I like to think of it as), but if I don’t have a new pair of flared jeans for fall, my wardrobe just won’t be complete. And as soon as I saw this necklace from Bounkit, I knew it would be the perfect companion. Chokers were a big thing in the ’70s—even if they were mainly macramé or puka shell—so it makes sense that this would jibe. But the piece, with its removable pendant, is quite modern, too (a good sign for its versatility). And at a price point under $500, how could you even pass it up?

Choker necklace in 14k gold-plated sterling silver with amethyst, $495