Britt’s Pick: Bohemme’s Scary-Beautiful Earrings

Bohemme corundum and citrine earrings

If fall were a pair of earrings, it would look a lot like these. But there are two types of fall: the warm Pumpkin Spice Latte and cozy sweater type and the howl-at-the-moon, luxuriously dramatic type. Bohemme‘s drop earrings fall into the latter category, with their blackened silver settings and blood-red corundum. Pear-shape citrines shed a little light at the top, the color pairing reminiscent of one of autumn’s most beautiful combinations—there are even a few brown diamonds sprinkled into the frames for good measure. These earrings are like a vintage horror flick: scary but not in a modern too-many-special-effects way, with all of the elegance Boris Karloff brought to his classic characters. I picture these worn to a late-autumn feast, accompanying an exquisite black gown or something made of crushed velvet, just because. Not that we need a specific reason to don this pair!

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