Britt’s Pick: Bahina’s Multicolor Tourmaline Bracelet

Bahina multicolor tourmaline bracelet

Even as the bright hues fade with the memories of summer, there’s still room for some color year-round. That’s what I find to be perfect about Bahina‘s bracelet—a line of colorful gemstones that seems muted, somehow. Not quite the rainbow of brightness that signals the warmer months, but still a cheerful collection of shades that range from dark to light, flawlessly finding a place among the moodier looks of fall and winter. Anyone who’s a fan of organization and seamless design can appreciate the way these tourmalines are set, ranging from dark to light that seem to fade from one color to the next with a natural grace. The cabochon stones are perfectly imperfect, showing some flaws through their smooth surfaces, exuding a type of edge that fits the autumn aesthetic. Smooth 18k yellow gold provides the setting for each of the oval-shape stones, a warm touch that further makes the case that this should be a fall staple.

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