Britt’s Pick: Bahina Jewels’ Pastel-Perfect Earrings

Bahina Jewels pastel gemstone earrings

This past weekend, Washington, D.C., had just a taste of spring. Fifty-degree-plus temperatures meant open windows during the day, birds chirping, sunshine, and the desire to start breaking out a wardrobe for warmer weather. Not so fast: The forecast for the remainder of this week calls for tempearatures to drop, bringing snow, and even worse, icky cold rain. But that’s what February does. It plays with your emotions—the desire to feel the sunshine on your skin again is fulfilled, but only for a brief moment, before you’re reminded that winter has no intention of letting go just quite yet. It’s so easy to get the winter blues this time of year, which is why a little bit of wishful thinking (and accessorizing!) helps a great deal. If your customers are a bit bummed out, steer them in the direction of spring with pastel-colored jewels that provide the little bit of warmth we all need this time of year. A fabulous find: Bahina Jewels’ drop earrings. Topped with a cluster of rainbow moonstones in each (a stone that, after three years, I still haven’t tired of, so it must be a true favorite), the 18k yellow gold pair is also set with a tourmaline center, leading to an aqua-green onyx drop, in the most beautiful, minty-cool color that it makes you want to reach for your swimwear. So what if the grumpy groundhog says six more weeks of winter? You couldn’t feel anything but wonderful in a find like these—despite the weather.

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