Britt’s Pick: Aquamarine Shaker Earrings by Jacquie Aiche

It’s about time we showed winter the door in favor of warmer, better seasons, and with the introduction of March, now seems like a pretty good moment to start. While the month is often unpredictable weather-wise, the human habit of spring cleaning seems innate—a show of optimism to help us endure the remainder of winter, however mild (as this year’s has been).

Another optimistic approach to making it through this month, which is known to come “in like a lion” (and one that is born of spring cleaning), is to shop for a new season of clothing and accessories. I found my starting point: these miraculously marvelous earrings from Jacquie Aiche.

With aquamarine in a starring role, the pair is ideally suited to a March birthstone display, but the aesthetic has me clamoring for the summer sun and a Mediterranean getaway. A trio of luminous lines, each tiered with four mirrored gold discs, dangles from the aquamarine that serves as the focal point in each earring, with a further upside-down Y-shape pattern of the reflective gold rounds topping it. It’s the kind of sexy, free-spirited look that Aiche has made such a staple of her collections. The effortlessly cool styles are a favorite of supermodels, celebrities, and regular ol’ people like me (and my daughter, apparently, who pointed to my computer screen and said, “yummy,” so Jacquie, if you’re reading this, perhaps a collection for two-year-olds next?).

It’s pieces like these that will have shoppers thriving on the anticipatory spring and summer vibes, so take stock and gear up to promote the sunniest outlook you can for 2020. We all need it, and your store will be a favorite place to be if you can provide it.

Top: Graduated disc Shaker earrings in 14k yellow gold with aquamarine, $6,875; Jacquie Aiche

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