Britt’s Pick: One-of-a-Kind Chrysocolla Ring by Andrea Fohrman

I’ve never been much of an island-vacation person. Offer the choice between the sights of the sea or the lights of a city, and I’ll pick the latter every time. Or, at least that used to be the case.

Then I traveled to Hawaii this summer. Fresh from JCK Las Vegas, our family of three hopped on a plane to Oahu—diamonds and gemstones became palm trees and waves.

And now I’m an island person. Well, at least a Hawaiian island person.

That feeling of freedom, of complete serenity, isn’t easy to duplicate. I visit live cameras from our resort regularly, just to relive our time in what has become a favorite place. So when I saw Andrea Fohrmans one-of-a-kind ring and felt that pull of some familiarity, I was hooked.

You never know what element of a piece of jewelry will strike someone or their reason for liking it as much as they do. Where someone may look at this piece and deem it fabulous for its killer chrysocolla and stunning setting—true attributes, to be sure—I find my imagination makes more of it.

I look at it and hear the sounds of the sea (well, in my head)—it’s like I’ve been transported back to the place we instantly felt at home. The gold star represents “our” island, all around it waves crashing in its shores—the gray or white part of the gemstone. The deep blue-green of the chrysocolla is, of course, the sea, with the diamonds looking like tiny islands waiting to be discovered, glinting and gleaming from afar.

Some may see something more galactic, others still may find this creation more akin to a painting. Those who don’t imagine themselves shrinking down to the size of an ant and taking residence inside the ring’s scene may just see the ring for what it is—good-looking, worthy of daily wear, and totally compliment-catching (the end result is the same, I just find my way much more fun).

As ever, Andrea Fohrman’s creations prove to be transformative, whimsical, and totally wow.

Top: One-of-a-kind ring in 14k yellow gold with chrysocolla and 0.4 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,900

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