Britt’s Pick: Amáli Jewelry’s Emerald Earrings

We are less than a week away from entering the month of May and, though emerald is prevalent any time of year, it is especially noticeable in the coming month. I, a May baby, am even more on the lookout for my birthstone now (perhaps thinking of possible gifts?).

The first to catch my attention were this pair from the fantastic Amáli Jewelry. I love designer Sara Freedenfeld’s aesthetic: Her casual but skilled touch makes the sometimes-intimidating (read: super expensive) emerald more approachable. This style helps maintain the relaxed, never-overdressed vibe that makes me feel comfortable, while their high quality and expert craftsmanship add sophistication to keep such an ensemble from being too casual. (If you’re picturing someone dressed in ripped jeans and sneakers with this pair glistening from her ears, you’ve got the right idea.)

With a price tag of $4,400, they aren’t exactly an impulse buy, but one look at those gemstones, in their varying shades of deep, intoxicating green, and it’s justifiable—a good deal, even. Such a good deal, in fact, that I dare say I am expecting someone to pick these off my (very long) birthday wishlist.

(Anyone? Bueller?)


Tiered drop earrings in 18k yellow gold with emeralds, $4,400

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