Britt’s Pick: Shooting Star Cuff by Adel Chefridi

It is possible for a person to be taken by more than one choice of metal—rose gold or yellow, white gold or silver, platinum, or maybe the dramatic black rhodium plating—but I also think it’s very likely that someone has a particular go-to metal. For example, I have recently discovered that I’m very much a wearer of yellow gold (so much so, that I’m working on changing my wedding ring to match). It’s my “core” metal, the one I prefer for those everyday pieces that rarely come off.

Of course, people can mix and match—there are many styles that exist in perfect harmony, and a smattering of everything is marvelously modern-day chic—but, more often than not, customers will likely still have a preference.

Thank goodness for mixing and matching, though. Because, while I can moon over the latest yellow gold creations for eternity, sometimes a white metal piece (okay, not sometimes, all the time) begs to get into the mix. The Shooting Star cuff from Adel Chefridi is one of those pieces.

This time of year, we tend to seek warmth (something you’ll find abundantly in gold), so it’s surprising that I find white metals to feel more seasonally apt. But I think it has a lot to do with romanticizing the winter weather, where magical falling snowflakes and Jack Frost winds evoke pictures painted with icy tones—blue and glossy white, and, yes, silver.

And so Chefridi’s cuff bracelet sets the scene of a peaceful winter evening, glittering with snow. Of icicles gently forming from rooftops, shining with the crystallized drops of winter water as they begin to drip and instantly freeze, turning into sparkling unicorn horns of nature.

The reality of a snowy season is often not quite so wonderful (particularly if you have to shovel or drive in it), but this creation reminds the wearer of what it could be, how it can be for even just a few memorable, magical moments.

The bracelet’s sterling silver house is like an icy pond you can skate on, its 0.13 carats of round diamonds your guiding lights. I believe the design is intended as an ode to the sky, with a name like Shooting Star, but if you’re already wearing your holiday goggles, you, too, may see things a little differently.

If customers like the look but would prefer an earring or ring, the designer has those to offer, too. And, interestingly enough, given the introduction of this article, they’re in two-tone white and yellow, so there’s no need to have to choose.

Top: Shooting Star cuff bracelet in sterling silver with 0.13 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,810;

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