Britt’s (Mom’s) Pick: The Best Mother’s Day Jewels

Britt and Mom, wedding 2009

Mom and me on my wedding day in 2009

Best Mother’s Day ever. You see, today, on this jovial Cinco de Mayo, just five days before Mother’s Day, my beloved mom is being granted the gift of time: She is officially retiring. She’s worked extremely hard, for more years than I’ve been alive, to maintain a solid, happy life for her family (me), and this day is the culmination of all of that. And how do we celebrate? By shopping, of course! I can’t physically be with my mom on her big day, but shopping runs in our blood, so distance couldn’t possibly stop us from enjoying a little virtual retail therapy. Of the million little things we have in common, one is the ability to do some serious jewelry coveting (oh, you’re good at that, too?), and one of the things I love most about this blog is being able to share with you the jewels I yearn for most. But it’s Mother’s Day, and no one can suggest better gifts than someone who is indeed a mother herself.

So, for this special Mother’s Day edition of Britt’s Pick, I give you the dreamy choices of my very own mom. I can say for certain, based on this luxurious selection, that it’s not a mystery where I get my expensive taste. Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend, my beautiful mom, and the most deserved new retiree. Wishing as much love and success to each and every mom! I hope your Mother’s Day is a very memorable one.

Click each image for more information on how to get these pieces into your store (if your customers love these as much as we do, which they will).

Omi Prive sapphire and diamond swirl bracelet

Omi Privé



Heather Moore single initial with Harriet charm

Heather Moore Jewelry



Evocateur Mari G Seychelles cuff bracelet




CH Hakimi violet spinel drop earrings

CH Hakimi



Martin Flyer Entice diamond cuff bracelet

Martin Flyer


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