Britt’s LUXURY Pick: Bavna’s Paraiba and Diamond Necklace

Bavna paraiba and diamond necklace

The JCK LUXURY show kicks off exactly one week from today, and if you’re headed out to Las Vegas for the event, you are in for quite a treat. If you haven’t yet scrolled through yesterday’s massive preview of the show, set aside at least an hour and do so ASAP. In it you’ll find jewels from the various neighborhoods on the show floor, including those from LUXURY and Elite Enclave, and from that long list of exquisiteness comes this necklace from Bavna. There is a large number of designs I’m having trouble tearing myself away from staring at (I really should get back to work), but this piece may have the most power over me. It’s almost tribal in its design, with sharp, angled lines and a spiked line of diamonds for the necklace. I’m certain that it’s the blackened gold that empowers it so, which also sets the stage for a bright, satiating Paraiba tourmaline at the center—and just a little more than 11.5 cts. of diamonds don’t hurt, either. This is one treasure I’ll be making a beeline for just as soon as I land in Vegas—I hope you’ll join me there!

Learn more about this necklace from Bavna here.

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