Britt’s Holiday Dream Pick: Sutra’s Blue Shield Ring

Sutra tanzanite and sapphire shield ring


If my Christmas wish list knew no budget, and could realistically be granted, you’d see more than a few jewels from Sutra on there. If pressed to choose just one (a most difficult task!), I’d be left with the beauty above: an elongated, blackened shield silhouette with dazzling round diamonds, a bed of glitter for the wintry mix of sapphires and tanzanite. The black and blue color combination contrasts but in a soft, glowing kind of way; and when I look at it, I think of swirling snowflakes and icicles—the kind that convey the magic of Christmas, not the kind that you’d hate to drive in. Of course. I’m always in for a great blackened jewel, because I love that edgy touch, and this is no exception. The shades of blue are sure to complement anything, from basic black to a glittering New Year’s Eve dress to that weird orange sweater I sometimes wear to the office (really, it’ll pair with anything!). So to those reading this, if you have me on your shopping list—and if your budget happens to be around $12,000—I present my ultimate ask. Well, it’s either this or oven mitts, but I know no one could pass up this gleaming, glittering masterpiece. Right? Anyone?

See more from Sutra—including all the rest of the jewels on my dream wish list—on JCK Marketplace.


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