Britt’s Halloween Pick: Chamilia’s Love You to Death Skull Earrings

Chamilia Love You to Death skull earrings

Ever since I saw this pair at JCK Las Vegas, in a prime front-showcase spot, I knew they would be my go-to Halloween adornments. For five months I kept them in the back of my mind, waiting for the spooky holiday to come around before I could write about them. Chamilia‘s Love You to Death studs aren’t just a pair of skulls. I love their heart-shape eyes and upside-down heart nose, their toothy, sparkling Swarovski crystal smiles. Those customers wanting to add a new piece to their bracelets can opt for the matching Chamilia bead or do the matchy-matchy thing and get both. Skulls never really go out of style, so it isn’t just this time of year that makes this silver pair relevant—anytime from now to Valentine’s Day (those are hearts, right?) to a hot summer night, your customers will be loving these year-round. I sure do!

See the matching bead and other new arrivals from Chamilia on JCK Marketplace.

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