Britt’s Father’s Day Pick: Oscar Graves’ Cuban Ring

Oscar Graves The Cuban smoky quartz cocktail ring

I understand that jewelry—particularly larger pieces such as this one—won’t be for every dad. I have a feeling that Father’s Day sales in this industry aren’t quite what they tend to be for its counterpart holiday, Mother’s Day (though please do tell me if that isn’t the case). But for those dads who already have every electronic gadget under the sun, enough tools to fill their sheds, and an abundance of ties (insert other items that fit the sterotypes of the perfect Father’s Day here), there is a really fun, spectacularly special piece of jewelry. Not a watch or a subtle pendant, but something that makes a statement and says this is the year of dad. The Oscar Graves collection is a lot like that. There’s an effortless cool that shines through each of the pieces from the Dublin-based brand. A ring like this is dad’s foray into serious style. The chunky gold piece is set with a piece of smoky quartz, creating a divine metal and gemstone combination that’s marvelously masculine (though I’d totally borrow it anytime). Major bonus: These pieces aren’t just for gifting. Practically every piece from Oscar Graves begs to be a self-purchase (see more here). For Father’s Day and beyond, consider making this designer brand a staple in your showcases.


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