Britt’s Christmas Eve Pick: Goshwara’s Rubellite Chandelier Earrings

Goshwara rubellite chandelier earrings

Christmas Eve was always my favorite holiday as a kid. It was the anticipation of what was to come that made it so special. We had a family gathering that night, and then, stuffed with food and newly rich with gifts from my grandparents, I’d go home and (not so) patiently await Santa’s arrival. All the while, there was a constant reminder of the season: The Christmas tree. The warmth from its lights, the sparkle of ornaments, and the power of its height represented for me everything that was magical and special about the holiday. It’s a family gathering place, a symbol of hope and peace, and well, just really fun to sit back and admire. So on this day of anticipation (who says I have to grow up?), I was drawn to these earrings from Goshwara. Tiers of rubellite drops climb high, not unlike a Christmas tree, while rings of diamonds serve as separators, adding a dash of glitter to each level. These are worthy of year-round wear, of course, but I find them particularly festive for the season.

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