Britt’s Birthstone Pick: March’s Marvelous Aquamarines

As of March 1, I’m calling it. No more of this wintry stuff. The only cold, pale blue hues I want are from the warm spring skies—and these aquamarines. It’s a truly appropriate gemstone to rule the month: crystal blue like the sea, ushering in a new season of warmth that truly cannot come soon enough. Your customers born in the month of March will treasure these as the ultimate birthday gift, but I have an inkling that they aren’t the only ones.

See below for links to each product for more information.

Britt's Birthstone pick special aquamarine edition

From left to right: Frederic Sage aquamarine leaf earrings; Tamir aquamarine and rose-cut diamond pendant; Parlé Jewelry Designs marquise aquamarine ring; Ian Saud? for Kaiser Gems Mosaic aquamarine ring

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