Brilliance Debuts Proprietary Diamond-Finding App strives to be “the for diamonds”

Brilliance—the online retailer that recently launched a program that sends shoppers 3-D molds of engagement rings to try on—has debuted an app that helps consumers educate themselves on diamonds and narrow down their buying options from the retailer. 

The free app lets you hunt for the price of a specific diamond by filtering quantifiables including carat, color, cut, clarity, price, depth, symmetry, and certification.

The app chooses among 100,000 different diamonds in stock that are either GIA, EGL, AGS, or IGI certified (they are noted as such). The inventory feed is updated daily “to ensure accuracy and availability,” says Shai Barel, director of strategic partnerships for the brand. 


A still from one of Diamond Finder’s educational videos

The new tool also includes pages on diamond education, a primer on diamond terminology, and short-and-snappy educational videos on diamonds, including How to Buy Diamonds Without Breaking the Bank and Diamond Cut Guide.

The illustrated videos are prime examples of effective content marketing, which many media types tout as the new wave in marketing. They give prospective customers what they want (clarity on the subject of diamonds) within a stylish, cool interface that doubles as one big cash register. The app has its own POS system, so buyers can make purchases directly from it—or they can choose to speak with a staffer from Brilliance about his or her choices by calling directly from the app. 

Our goal is to create a transparent and easy shopping experience for consumers, whether they want to purchase from us or they are in a local jewelry store and want to make sure they are getting a fair deal,” says Barel. “We’d like to be looked at as the for diamonds.”


The front page of the new app






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