Bridal Survey Yields Surprising Opinions on Engagement Rings

What the modern-day woman is looking for in a ring may surprise you.

Men and women have adopted views on engagement rings that would confound previous generations of couples if the latest DDB Lifestyle Study, as reported by The Huffington Post, is accurate.

No More Playing Dress Up

Apparently, women have stopped dreaming about their nuptials at a young age. Only 19 percent of females admitted to thinking about the appearance of their engagement ring when they were young and only one-fourth of women surveyed said they’ve fantasized about what their wedding would be like.  

Chivalry Truly Is Dying Off

Less than half of the men surveyed said they would ask their girlfriend’s father for permission to marry her and only 39 percent of women said they would expect their boyfriend to get their dad’s approval before he pops the question.

Love the Man, but Hate the Ring?

Although 61 percent of women said they’d be fine with whatever ring their boyfriend selected (Really, ladies?), more than three-fourths of men said they’d want to know if their soon-to-brides aren’t thrilled with their selection.

It’s About the Spark, Not the Sparkler

Only 27 percent of women said they would want their boyfriend to wait to propose until he could afford to buy an engagement ring, versus 45 percent of men who said they’d rather hold off until they could afford the bauble.

What If the Love Doesn’t Last?

Seventy-six percent of women would pull a Britney Spears and give the ring back if the engagement was broken off. More than half of men would expect their ex-fiancée to return the bling.

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