Branded Ritual

How can jewelry companies take their brands to the next level and make their branded market positions be perceived as the ultimate state for consumers? Marketers are always interested in how to create new customers and deepen the commitment their brand enjoys with current customers. Consider the branded behavior of Starbuck’s coffee customers, or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream customers, or iPod’s music customers, or Yahoo’s internet search customers, or eBay’s internet customers, or Coca Cola’s soda customers, or Porches’ car driving customers. All of these customers have all been established through marketing based concepts that initiated particular consumer behaviors.


Branded rituals create social phenomenon outcomes through attracting, connecting, exchanging and transacting value with customers. When marketers provide the right stimuli for the right customers they create motivated buyers and loyal customers.


Jewelry marketers and brand managers need to be asking the following: Does my branding create more meaningful relationships with customers? How does my brand make my offering seem more trustworthy with shoppers? How does my brand contribute to creating more compelling shopping experiences? Does my brand initiate more word of mouth referrals? How does my brand create more loyal customers? A jewelry brand’s rituals can be identified through the behaviors of loyal customers. How do your loyal customers respond to your brand?


As a father of three grown daughters I can tell you I have seen Tiffany’s branded ritual come to life when each of my daughters were presented with one of Tiffany’s little blue boxes. Just the presentation of the packaged gift created a certain excitement that sent their expectations in a certain manner. Their reaction to just the packaging was so positive that it became part of the benefit derived from gifting a Tiffany product. Jewelry marketers need to create brand marketing strategies that link their branded products packaging and with their jewelry’s product designs and styling motifs so that their customers respond with their own branded rituals. What examples of branded jewelry rituals can you identify?

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