How to Keep Tabs on What People Are Saying About Your Brand

As we approach JCK Las Vegas 2019, it’s a good idea to get your social media accounts in order. Whether you’re attending as an exhibitor or a retailer, or as someone who runs a blog or publication, keeping tabs on your mentions, both on the web and through social, will keep you connected to your audience.

When a jeweler I featured in a recent blog post told me they found the write-up via their Google Alerts, it occurred to me that some (maybe many) jewelers don’t know how to do that. Think of all the mentions brands or designers may be missing when their products are featured on a blog somewhere, and they aren’t aware of the coverage until it’s mentioned by a customer. The same also goes for when other sites link to you, when customers gush about your products—or when they complain about you. Good or bad, you want to be aware of it.

So, sign up for Google Alerts. They’re easy and they’ll help you stay looped into the conversation that others are having about your brand. And during a time as busy as JCK Las Vegas, when things are easy to miss, they’ll help to make sure that doesn’t happen. Learn more about signing up for Google Alerts here.

But there’s more. For tracking your brand mentions on social media, there are a variety of tools—some free, some not—all you need to do is choose the right one for you. “But won’t they just at-mention me, and I’ll see it?” you ask. Not necessarily. Social media users talking about a brand—particularly if it’s in a negative sense—don’t always tag that brand, while others, even if they have something positive to say, don’t always know how (or they couldn’t find you or they just forget). So tracking your mentions on social media can work to your benefit, as you can more easily respond to comments, convert new followers, and rectify situations, if necessary. Whether it’s to connect with a potential customer or even just to up your social following (which could ultimately lead to more sales), you definitely want in on that conversation.

Search Engine Journal recently published an article that dives into the details of five different tools that track your brand mentions, and it does a pretty good job of laying it all out for you, so be sure to read that.
I know, I just gave you another thing to add to your pre-Vegas to-do list—but I promise, it’ll be worth it.

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