Brad Huisken to Debut Training Seminar

Brad Huisken of IAS Training is introducing a new training seminar for owners, managers, sales managers, and sales trainers. His “Train The Trainer” course will debut in Baltimore, June 18 – 20 and be repeated in St. Louis, July 15 – 17.

Huisken, columnist for JCK magazine and frequent speaker at jewelry events around the world, believes that the sales manager/trainer has the toughest job in the store because they must train and motivate their staffs to maximize every selling opportunity. The most valuable asset that a jewelry store has is the salespeople that are face to face with the customer. If that person isn’t trained and coached on the floor in real situations, it may cost a store hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue and profits.

“I hear from jewelry store owners that I have trained my staff and they just aren’t doing it,” Huisken said. “The responsibility lies with the sales manager to make sure that the staff is doing it. Whether it is adding-on, turning over a sale, converting a repair to sale, handling objections, up-selling, creating customers for life, instituting an effective clientele process, planting seeds for future purchases—the success or failure of a store is in the hands of the person running the sales floor. This is specifically why I developed this course—to give the sales manager/trainer the tools, knowledge, experience, and confidence to go back to their store and really make a difference in producing positive results on the sales floor.”

A sales manager/trainers job is, “To provide the leadership, knowledge, training, incentives and consequences in order to recruit, hire, train, and maintain a successful staff” This course give the sales manager / trainer these tools,” he adds.

Huisken said the course will allow jewelry store leaders to maximize the productivity of individual salespeople along with maximizing the sales and profits of the store.

“It is time to take training out of the back room and put it on the sales floor through one on one coaching and training,” he said. “Now retail jewelers can provide their customers with the skilled professionals that they expect and give salespeople the tools that they need in order to maximize every selling opportunity. I want to provide the jewelry store owner/manager and their staffs with the tools that they need to not only survive but to dramatically increase sales and profits.”

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